What is the best makeup that won't settle into my wrinkles?

Mineral makeup settles into my wrinkles. Is there a good brand compared to a doomed to failure brand?
MAC foundation primer will do wonders for ANY FOUNDATION cause it smooths out your obverse before you apply the foundation i swear by it!
Well firstly i think you should use a muted foundation like rimmel and too faced...and avoid using alot of facade powder because it's just going to sink into the wrinkles more...
If you like mineral makeup, but are seeing your imperfections more a primer will give support to a lot. Most companies make one. If you're using Bare Minerals, they trademark a primer called prime time. Otherwise, Benefit makes one too, it's call "That Gal" and it's a brightening face primer, it works great with powder makeup. It's almost approaching spackle, it fill's in lines, large poors and wrinkles. It'll also preserve the makeup on much longer and give it a fresh look. Good luck! Source(s): I'm a makeup artist.

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