What brand CORN Tortillas won't crumble?

I bought the Mission brand corn tortillas and I can't wrap anything in them. They crumble and rip so easily. Are in attendance other brands that are better? Or another kind that's gluten free? thank you.
Before you use the store corn tortillas wet them and them boil them at the microwave. Good luck!
Most will crumble unless you fry them contained by a bit of oil or butter before wrapping something surrounded by them. If you know how to make homemade corn torts, then they will be nice and pliable straight from the griddle.

Well, I'm thinking that probably there should be a section within foods and drinks that are totally fat free! Some ppl are so afraid to add for a time butter or oil to their diet. What is with that?
I KNOW that you enjoy to soften your corn tortillas in grease or butter in order for them not to crumble on you. Water or any solution of the sort only makes them crumble even more. Keep knock me down for good answers..... Might want to actually try things first. Source(s): over 40 years of Mexican cooking
I'm not too sure about brands but the corn tortillas I've bought that be hard after a while I would just run some sea over the corn tortilla and then heat it up a bit. You can do that any on the stove or the microwave. Then they come out nice and flexible and still taste good.
you have to melt them up first, its a little difficult to make a wrap anyways. at hand is no gluten in them.the good corn tortillas are freshly lime, corn and water.
Wrap them surrounded by a warm, wet towel and nuke them or out them within the oven for a bit. You can also dip them in warm enchilada sauce (if you're making enchiladas) or dip them contained by warm oil for a moment (if you're roughly speaking to make taquitos).
are you warming them first?

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