What is the JC Penny return policy?

I bought a great dress at JC Penny about 12 hours ago, I tried it on, liked it, get it home, removed the tags, and put it on. Then I decided it be a little too... revealing for me. I rummaged around the house looking for the tags but couldn't find them! So my interrogate is: will JC Penny refund my money if I don't have the tag but I do have the item in brand-new condition and the bill?
No you do not neccesarily want the tags. It helps, but it's more high-status to have the receipt.

The personality who says we have a discouraging policy, is probably one of those who feels they have the right to return anything beside no receipt and get lolly back. In reality, no store is required to hand over any refund ever. Even with a acceptance. The only reason refund are given is for customer relations Source(s): I work for them.
With a receipt: Any returned items accompany by a receipt dated within 90 days of purchase will be refund at the original purchase price, plus applicable sales tariff, in the original reward method. No refund will be issued after 90 days.

Without a receipt: Refunds and exchanges made in need a receipt and purchased within 90 days will echo the lowest "on sale" price within the last 30 days, plus applicable sale tax. A refund will be issued single in the form of Merchandise Return Voucher or credit on a JCPenney account.

Unfortunately, we cannot repayment original shipping & handling charges unless an error occurred on our segment in shipping your order. Source(s): http://www4.jcpenney.com/jcp/CustomerSer…
As a former employee I can tell you that they will make available you at least a store credit for ANYTHING! If you wan't a free haircut and color travel there and then complain. Not solely will they refund your money they will also more then expected give you a store credit. I saw a guy bring back a set of two of shoes after about a year and complained because they had a hole surrounded by them. The store manager gave him a exotic pair.
Nope. Gotta have the tags still on. It's that approach for all stores.
they have a BAD return policy as far as me

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