What's the best 9mm handgun brand?

I'll be a bit more specific. I am primarily buying the gun for sport, but would also like it for home self-defense and perhaps concealed take one day. I know a lot of ethnic group like Glocks, but I shy away from them because they are quite podgy and would strike me as being very difficult to fetch concealed. Let me know if I am wrong about that.

I would like a gun that does not hold a reputation of jamming, and would also like it to be accurate. I'm looking for something under $600, even if it intended buying secondhand.

One model that caught my eye was the Springfield XD. Any other suggestions?
Try looking at the Sig Sauer's. They are really reliable. You might have to look at the previously owned ones though to stay under budget. I'm thinking you might want to look at the P226 but you could probably find other 9mm they take and compare for sizing purposes.
The XD is I think the best handgun on the bazaar today for the money. You cannot go wrong with it. 9mm is also a great round. Smooth shooting, biddable for defense, and as you said; cheaper.

I paid 550 for my 9mm xd.

Taurus 24/7, and the Ruger SR9 is also pretty good. Source(s): Gun Owner, NRA applicant
Springfield is a honourable choice....so is sigarms and a Taurus or a model 92 by Beretta.
Go to the gun store and handle a bunch of different models of handguns. Buy the one that fits your appendage the best. My favorite 9mm handguns are made by HK and Glock.
I agree with you something like Glock, though it's a great gun. I hate it's grips with a vehemence, comfort and firmness in your hand is the most substantial role in shooting.

The XDs are an awesome choice, they are reliable all around. Don't expect any problems next to them, as long as you know when you should clean your firearm.
I really like the Smith&Wesson M&P9, It's roughly $500 with two 17rd mags, and 3 palms well size grips. It fits any foot size like a glove, which made me got interested within the gun. It's another reliable one all around. It's accurate, recoil isn't unpromising at all due to the palms well grips which is great for faster follow up shots.
So let's see...S&W, Springfield, Block if you get big hands, are great choices. Oh they do have a Glock SF (Slim Frame) model, it fits flawless but it's only for 45ACP which is a bummer. Source(s): Try renting some of those models and fire them for yourself, I like the M&P9 more than i do the XD, but they are both newly as great.
CZ 75 B Due to design, they are quite smooth shooting pistols, prearranged for their dependency and accuracy. They run about $500-550. I hold put a little over 5,000 rounds through mine without one single hitch.
I have the XD and resembling it ---never tried the beretta but the folks that recommend it here are reliable references.
beretta M9
Beretta 92fs and PX4
Springfield XD and XDm
Ruger SR9

These are all around $600...
The CZ, 92fs, and XDm are great for target, not so concealable.
The SR9 and FNP9 are slimmer for carry, but maybe not as accurate.

I close to the 92fs and SR9 just because I prefer a manual safekeeping. But all are nice values...
The XD will give you no advantage within the concealment department. It's just as fat as the Glock, if fatter. The Beretta 92FS/M9 is also right out. It's a full-size service pistol, much bigger than a Glock 19. Even bigger than a Glock 17. Or a 1911 for that matter. I would suggest something like a single-stack Sig p225, or a Walther P-5 or P-7 if you want a truly flat, concealeable 9mm. Both are surrounded by the 350-500 dollar range. Another option would be the Kel-Tec PF9 if you want something near a polymer frame. Personally, I find the compact Glock 19 easy to conceal. But then again, I routinely conceal get a full size 5in barrell 1911 too, so it's all about what you wear. Source(s): Myself, and my 25 years of gunsmithing and military and concealed transport........
beretta 9mm
I have the XD-40 service pistol. I like it but do not get it- its just too heavy. My XD guards my bed. I take a Taurus PT 111 Pro. (9mm).
Look at the XD-M.

You want the gun to do several things= sport, self/home defense, and possible carry. So- you do not want a compact pistol. Rule that out.
You will want something with a practical 4" barrel (3.75- 4.25 or maybe longer). The longer the container the more difficult to carry concealed. The shorter the barrel the more difficult it hit a target- even something as big as a man. Most service pistols own a barrel between 3.75 to 4.25".
Weight is a factor only if you will take it all day long.
The best part for the money...is the Sig sp-2022. It comes in 9mm, 40, and 357sig. Academy sells it for $499. It is a poly frame pistol. Thats the best concordat on the planet. Taurus make a 909 and a 911, alloy frame pistols for a little smaller amount. Ruger makes a couple of good guns around that price.
What ever you procure....you must have the right holster to carry it. Many society carry full sized pistols-including the 1911's concealed all afternoon long. I recommend the Supertuck, there are others.
For the absolute best, i would pick sig, but new, they are around $700-$800, or more. Comes within many sizes and calibers, accurate, and reliable.

A XD/XDm would also serve you well, theyre greatly like glocks, but i find them to be much more comfortable. They also come in greatly of options in size and colors. Id transport a XD over a glock any day.

Though, glocks are kind of plump, with a good holster, and a compact or subcompact model, you wouldn't enjoy problem concealing it. The one problem with them is the blocky shape, as the corners tend to stick out. But, you will have that issue beside XDs too.

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