Store bought Alfredo sauce?? Which is best?

I know there's ones in jars.. and ones surrounded by the refrigerated section surrounded by plastic containers..

Whats the tastiest brand??
wow i do the same thing as jasmine economically so we have the same answer
I find the Classico jarred Roasted Garlic Alfredo reasonably tasty. I usually add somewhat white wine and simmer it for a few minutes, and add some grated parmasen as well.
The ones in the refrigerated fragment, plastic containers, have a much more authentic taste than the jarred ones do.

Don't verbs so much about brand if you get the cooled ones. You may not live in an area that have the same brands as we by where we live.
The refrigerated ones soft spot better to me
I do the exact same point as jasmine too. Same brand, same everything. You really should try that version.

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