What is the best store bought mole sauce?

I really do not want to make my own mole sauce cause i know it take a lots time so what is a good store brand i can buy? i want it to be the sweet mole not the bitter kind any suggestions?
Mole dona maria is good to use in making your own, but some populace have told me they have digestion issues near it.
There is a brand called Dona Maria...
You just fry it up and add some peanut butter!!
Here is a link of what the sauce looks close to and other brands you could try.
I've tried a couple different brands of mole - Rogelio Bueno and Dona Maria... Both be good. Rogelio Bueno seemed to hold a more complex (layers of) flavor.

Personally, if you use a quality broth or make your own fromt he chicken you intend to use... the mole will turn out like mad better.

Here's an article that ranks jarred mole sauces...
Goya Mole'

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