Best laundry detergent that will not fade colors?

I've been using Arm & Hammer laundry soap (powder) which I buy in 5 gal. can at BJs, but I am noticing that my bright colors tend to fade quickly. This is despite the certainty that I'm washing them in cold river. Am I using too much detergent, or do I need to use a more expensive brand (Tide, Cheer?).... what is the best brand to use to avoid color fade?
I would suggest using Cheer
Is your washer an HE washer? IIRC, the Arm & Hammer detergent I see in buckets at BJ's is not an HE detergent. If you are using that in an HE washer, you are most probable using too much detergent.

For washing in cold wet, I prefer Woolite, Tide Total Care, and Cold Water Tide. All of them come in formulas for washers w/agitators AND formulas for HE washers.

Cheer with Color Brighteners (for bright colors) is a appropriate detergent too. It does not come in an HE formula.

White vinegar in the final rinse will comfort to keep colors vibrant. For full loads, 1 cup in a regular washer or 1/2 cup surrounded by an HE washer is sufficient. You could add fabric softener for softness and scent if you close to.

When I wash colored clothes, I always turn them inside out. That help to keep them looking good much longer.

I turn them right side out when I put them within the dryer, except for T-shirts with pics on them. I dry them inside out to keep the pics from weakening or flaking off.

I have not found that drying colored clothes within a dryer causes colors to fade.

Hope this helps!
Tide, Cheer, or Gain.
Top 3 brands in my assessment.
I wash darker colered clothes inside-out as ably. It helps with the weakening.
Tide is the best. You pay more for it, but it is the best competence detergent. It doesn't fade your clothes like some cheaper brands, and it smells and cleans the best. Source(s):
20 Mule Team Borax. I use it on my Mountain t-shirts which are adjectives picture shirts. I can wash them about 30 times since they start fading at all. Of course you should hang down your clothes up inside instead of putting them in a dryer to keep your colors bright as all right. I never understood people who wash in cold water and afterwards put their clothes in a dryer.
I suggest Tide or Cheer.

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