Avon, Mary Kay or Oil of Olay??

What's the best brand?
It freshly depends on the product. I love Mary Kay's skincare for my acne prone skin, Avon's subdivision Mark has lip gloss that I love, and Oil of Olay I've hear has great anti-aging products. It just depends on what your shopping for.
Olay IMO. Olay is less expensive and works great Mary Kay does have some virtuous products too. You can check product reviews online at makeupalley.com or cosmeticscop.com. Source(s): http://www.makeupalley.com
For what........... makeup skin wrinkes?

They're adjectives very good brands. But I one-sidedly like Avon and Oily of Olay for skin. Mary Kay is the best for makeup!
Avon! I'm looking at the catalog right now...I love all of their stuff.
mary kay
avon is awsome for its prices.... AWSOME!
Personally, I reflect on Mary Kay is the best. I used to have painful impossible acne-like bumps on my cheeks (only nothing was surrounded by them) that were the size of dimes and nothing help get rid of it, except Mary Kay products. After using the skin care vein in Mary Kay and saw the painful bumps jump and stay away, I moved into their make up and have never strayed from Mary Kay's skin comfort or the make up. Source(s): Personal opinion

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