What tights or leggings are great that you can't see through?

Every pair of tights or leggings I have bought, I can see through them... I want a duet that doesn't do this... I want to be able to wear it with cute long blouses or sweaters.... please relief!

Please let me know of a brand or what the style is called.. gratefulness!
wear 2 twosome of tiights
these can also be called stockings but you can get hold of them pretty much anywhere like --- http://www.forever21.com/looks/looks_pro…
opaque. they come in any tights or foot-less tights. AI'm not sure of the brand but this is definately the style, which I used to wear a lot back surrounded by the 80's in the colour black.
i get my leggings at macys....they have really dutiful leggings
I do believe those tights are called "solid tights". The leggings are just, well, leggings.

You can find abundantly of them here:

or here:

American Apparel leggings are THE BEST.
Lot's of colours, can't see through them, can wear them stetched long or bagged up to be shorter.
Try the ones that Nora Batty wears...

But I really like when the ladies ware the leggings a size or so too small. And when they are interested in my, they prove the leggings are too small...

The girls I talk to, were wearing two pair of socks or modernism socks that I commented on.

I will say that the small leggings aren't see through. But they sure do raise the eyebrows of the ethnic group you want to... Source(s): Give It A Try.

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