*Maybelline, L'oreal, Cover Girl or Revlon?*?

Which makeup brand has better foundation, mascara, eyeliner and powders?
Which has better
foundations, and which ones look more inherent, and from which brand??
Thanks! Will choose best answer!
The best products come from Mary Kay.
But of the ones you listed Cover Girl be my favorite before I discovered Mary Kay, I loved MK so much I became a consultant and in a minute I sell it. www.marykay.com/missbusdriverlady
maybelline pwns so hard =) and try some physicians formula.
I use Loreal Paris Bare Natural Mineral Foundation. Its a powder and I usually don't use powdered makeup because it doesn't last but this stuff works wonders!! It's really fitting if you have acne problems because it's light and doesn't clog pores! I am recitation you, this is the BEST makeup I have used, and I have tried heaps so I would try it out...you'll love it! Source(s): personal experience:]
i personally HATE maybelline, l'oreal, and cover girl because they test on animals! revlon doesn't, so i use it I close to their lipstick, blushes, and eye shadow, i have never tried their foundation, I use bareminerals, which is pretty amazing!
Liquid foundation: Revlon
Powder foundation: L'Oreal True Match
Mascara: Maybelline
Eyeliner: None of these... Almay
I LOVE Revlon colorstay foundations and eyeliners.

Mascara-Maybellines Full n Soft is AWESOME!!

L'oreal eyeshadows are great, especially the HIP line.

As for what is more natural looking, it depends on your skin tone. Some are better suited for ashen skin, some are better suited for cool skin, and some are better for warm.
I personally resembling Wet n' Wild cosmetics better.

Mary Kay is definitely the best but Maybelle and cover girl are also devout. The only problem with Mary Kay is that it is expensive.

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