Whats the best commerciallly available brand of sangria?

i would like to buy sangria and wondered what would be a good brand. To help out you understand my taste, i LOVE the sangria from Macaroni Grill (italian restaurant)
Sangria is unbelievably easy to make on your own, adjectives you need is a dry red wine, oranges, limes, lemons, some mixed frozen fruit, some sugar, some brandy, and carbonated water/sprite. Or really simple, red wine, fruit juice of choice, and sprite.

As for commercial brands, sangria is if truth be told one of the cheaper wines. Boone's Farm makes a Sangria that is flavourful, and is the higher in alcohol percentage of their lineup ~7%abv. Livingston and Carlo Rossi both own jugs of sangria that are quite affordable, and piquant as well. And if you want to go adjectives out, Almaden has a boxed sangria that is frozen to beat for the price and quantitiy. Most stores carry these brands.

Homemade Sangria is smooth to make, and much better than any commercial brands. Source(s): http://wine.in the order of.com/od/howwineismade/a…


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