What food is best for my miniature poodle (He is almost 3)?

HI! My poodle Louis is a very picky eater. He barely touches his food when I put it out and narrowly nibbles throughout the day, but he is always imploring for "people food"... I am wondering if there is a mouth-watering & healthy brand of dog food that someone could recommend or a suggestion on what is okay for dogs to eat besides dog food/to mix within with his dog food...
i suggest nutro natural choice. its alittle pricey but dogs devour by smell. if it smells good they want it. i suggest giving your dog green beans in his food. my dog loves 'em. please don't buy dog food from the grocery store. check the ingredients. you do not want to buy something that have chicken or beef by products as the the first ingredient....that means all the parts of the animals that humans don't guzzle ( i.e. chicken rectums) ground up for them.
My dog is equal sometimes. He'll beg for people food and quit his food untouched, but only because he's learned that sometimes it'll work (my fault). I construe for a while, at least until you find a food he'll eat, you should steal a firm line and not feed him any empire food.

As for the type of food, I've recently switched my dog to Innova EVO - I mix the dry food with one small spoonful of the EVO can food and he really seems to love it. For the first time, I've seen him licking the plate verbs! I also like that EVO is very respectable and nutritionally dense, which is good if you're dog eats approaching a bird - generally you need to nurture less to get one and the same amount of nutrition as other foods (in some cases even half the amount). Plus the EVO canned foods come surrounded by several delicious varieties approaching venison or rabbit - and they are 95% made from that animal so no fillers or by-products. Very healthy!
We give our shih tzu Blue Buffalo. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula (dry food) does not use animal by-products and their gluten-free recipe do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Their food also does not have corn, wheat or soy, which have be known to trigger allergies.

You can go to the website: http://www.bluebuff.com and read more nearly the products they have. You can also request a free sample (and a $3 coupon) so you can see if your dog is going to resembling it before you buy a larger bag.

Their treats and can food were on the recall index so I don't recommend those.

As far as the Nutro food, you may want to check this out first:


You'll get lots of different answers about food here, but the best food for your dog is one that meet her health and nutritional needs. Nobody can access those for your dog but you.
First, no matter how he begs, do not supply him human food. Second, don't leave his food out all light of day. Decide how much food he should get per day and divide by two. Give him partially for breakfast in the morning. If he does not eat it, transport it away and do not feed him the other half until dinner. If he does not finish a suppertime, do not coax him to, just take it away. Don't put in anything else to his food to "make" him eat it.

I know this sounds a little severe for the pup that you love, but it is what is best for him. He should be looking forward to his meals and hungry. If you could eat adjectives day you wouldn't be so thrilled about someone putting even more food surrounded by front of you either.

I feed my shelties this passageway, we feed Canidae.

Good luck.
impart him plain rice with some chicken stock! they love that...i have a pomeranian poodle and my sister have a very picky yorkie who loves this mixed in beside his food...
omg u just described my dog which is a mini poodle as well.
he is 1 and almost not eats ANYTHING,
what i feed him is the walmart brand kibbles and bits and mix it near a can of mighty dog wet dog food ( my luca likes the chicken flavor)
Hi! :)
Well you could give him Merrick. They hold kibble that when you ad warm hose makes a gravy or ad a short time of their canned food too it. I have search forever for a great dog food. I know a lot of dogs prefer the taste of Kibbles and Bits, Beneful, and adjectives them but it really is best for them to get a high point food not a filler.
nutro its vet recommended its all natural no dyes you buy it at pet smart or any other pet stores my dog loves it and hes picky

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