What are the best cigarettes to smoke?

[SMOKERS!] What is the best brand of cigarettes to smoke?
Switching from Camel No. 9...what are the best ones besides those??
rollies are best, they put chemicals in cigarettes. Plus rollies are smaller.
I smoke Marlboro Lights. I used to smoke Marlboro reds... if you smoke Camel No. 9, i would recommend switching to one of the Camel Signature Blends. They are flavored like the 9's. Infused has a really fruity flavor, I reflect on its kind of like strawberry rime cream. Robust is pretty strong but still flavored. Someone told me they thought it was like maple syrup. Frosts are menthol.. (ew) The mellow are really really light and have no flavor at adjectives. I would get Camel Infused if you're switching from No. 9's
There are no best cigarettes to smoke they only help you and adjectives the people round you comit a very slow and tight form of suicide. Honest assessment by jockcn.
UGH! Are you serious? Imported ones are the with the sole purpose way to go, if you're planning to draw from lung cancer. I'm not going to tell you WHICH ones I smoked for awhile after my dad died, but they tasted similar to chocolate! Then I realized I was getting hooked and give them up.

Exercise is better. Well, that's my sermon for the day!
I am a menthol smoker.
Virginia Slims 120's Luxury Lights Menthol.
As high as they hold gotten, I'm weaning myself off them b/c they are higher than a gallon of gas in a minute!
Last pk cost me right at $4.46.
I smoke a cig as often as the Cubs win the Super Bowl but can you recount me, what's so bad with Camel No.9?

Given a choice I would travel with Canadian smokes, especially Players they're stronger than American ones though. You have be warned.
Winston are powerful

Marlborough are popular - especially in Europe

I'm in Canada and family love smoking menthol or Peter Jackson
a lot of folks who are just social smokers like parliaments

i individually smoked marlboro reds...but i quit.
I smoke camel filters
newports are ok too
everything else taste like **** to me
They are all doomed to failure for you but I smoke camel lights. Parliaments are nasty.
Smoking a cigarette isn't cool. Smoking ten is way cooler!
i smoke camel
none smoking is bad for you it kill your lungs and youll die young
I like Djarum blacks or American Spirit Periqes (black pack).
The djarums are yummy and the periques are really bold and strong taste, but refined as well. Both are appealing with a stiff drink.
I forgot! Pianissimo Peche cigarettes from japan! the come in a pink box and bite like peaches. lovely! The cutest cigarette in the world!

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