My girlfriend requests to circumcise me?

As much as my girlfriend loves sticking Jelly Beans inside my foreskin and sucking them out, she says its time that I get a circumcision. She requests to do it herself because she is training to be a veterinarian. What brand of scissors works best for at-home circumcisions?
It's good that you want to get circumcised (I don't blame her for encouraging you to), but don't consent to her anywhere near it. Go to a urologist and get it done right.
Geneva convention of bogusity: Is this for real? If you're in actuality going to think we'll advise you on an at-home circumcision, you obligation help. It didn't work well for Matt McNamara. If you really want a circumcision, GO TO A DOCTOR, not a pre-vet.
your gf is ****** up.
FANTASTIC... Elmer's scissors. "Stainless Steel" They gotta be stainless steel or it won't work. Either that or tell that selfish a** girl to pilfer a hike. Though I gotta admit, that's a orderly little trick she does eh.
Do you and your girlfriend have a fetish involving male circumcision? Check out
Dude! dont do IT!! first of adjectives, if your already an adult and get it circumcised you will lose sensitivity within that area, and ill dry up, and probly surface unconformable.
Your crazy don't agree to her do it it will ruin your life forever if she messes up
You are on drugs if you are gonna consent to her put scissors anywhere near your cock. Go see a doctor. Source(s): common sense
you're a ******* idiot
bring up to date her you want to circumcise her first. If she agrees then you are both in business. After you are both done, may i suggest that you both check surrounded by to your favorite psychiatric facility.

Dr Hugo Furst
what the ****.
you and your girl should go see someone.
Ask a doctor his opinion first. You have to construct sure you are healthy enough, and possibly he'll dissaude you from allowing your girlfriend to do this to you.

Any scissors that are sharp enough should do the trick!

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