How can I look up my horse's brand?

I am trying to find my horses orginal home. I had a friend who found a website where it have a huge list of brands and what farms owned them. She found her horse's imaginative owner by looking up the brand on her horse. She can't remember the site, so I am hoping someone can help me out. Does anyone know of a good website to look up horse brands?

No, but I'll bet if you google in the words "horse brands" you might find it online. Also, beckon your local state livestock inspector or brand inspector and see if you can get any leads.
All brands should be registered at your states Agg extention. You can go to your county department to find out what your brand is and who's it is. There is no realy good web site to relay you where the brand came from but, I am sure that here are websites that can teach you how to read brands. And brand can be duplicated from state to state without indistinguishable owner. Source(s): I have a brand registered
State brand inspectors generally have a directory on registered brands. Unless your horse got his/her's from some idiot who just required to brand their horse. Source(s): Over 40 years of training horses, riders and making/repairing saddles and tack.
I suggest typing within your horse brand on Google.

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