What brand of nugget does Wendy's use?

and what do they fry them in, omg they are so good!
Decapatated chicken brand of nuggets, they aren't decapatated they are gas.
I worked at Wendy's. They put together their own chicken nuggets, at their headquarters, in Dublin, OH, and they distribute them to adjectives the restaurants.

As far as making them yourself, I know that Wendy's nuggets are all-white meat. Well, I know for a fact that they put up for sale all-white ground chicken meat. But, I'm not sure what kind of stores sell it. I shop at two local grocery stores. They are medium-sized, and I haven't see it there. It might be at a bigger store like Wal-Mart -- or you might enjoy to find an even bigger one, or a specialty store/butcher shop. Almost all stores carry ground chicken meat. If you hold to settle for that, it will taste pretty good too. The breading seem pretty basic (seasoned bread crumbs, I suppose -- those are available everywhere.) I'm not sure what kind of grease they fry them in, but any will work.
they use Chicken Breast filets

Check out America's most needed recipes: vol. 2

Also check this guy out- he takes things we want to know how to bring in and shows us how to do it simple

http://www.youtube.com/user/todderman Source(s): America's most wanted recipes: vol. 2

Parts is parts. *lol*

But they sure do taste correct.
i have no idea, i own never had them.
the good kind

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