What is the best brand of pancake mix?

i am looking for the best brand of pancake mix. i like the kind that build them golden brown and i like the kind surrounded by resturaunts. if your answer is Aunt Jemima don't answer, i do not like that. Thankyou! :D

I like Krusteaz!
If you want it to bite more homemade then replace the water near milk or buttermilk and add a little vanilla extract and roughly a tablespoon of sugar.
There is a brand call Krusteaz you can buy that makes pancakes like the restaurants. I found out roughly it when I went to a Kiwana Club pancake breakfast years ago. The best part is, it is a complete mix, you newly add water. You can adjust the amount of dampen used to make a thinnner or thicker cake.
I use bisquick
I never buy a mix, I make my own. It's cheap and easy to preserve a container of home made mix in your cupboard and just make the addition of milk and an egg when you're ready to cook some.
Krusteaz Blueberry or Apple Spice Pancake Mix is really good.
Bisquick there the best , but add some cooking grease to the batter
then stir it in. When cooking they win browner and dont stick to the pan.
Krusteaz makes the best pancake mix and waffle mix hand down.

I add like a tbsp or two to the batter in recent times to sweeten it up I even add a little vanilla extract to afford it that restaurant taste. Mmm yummy.


On that link you'll see what the box looks resembling so you can find it at the store.
A lot of restaurants use Krusteaz http://www.continentalmills.com/brands/k…
I just buy the bulk stuff. It doesn't appetite any different than the brand name ones and is cheaper.
I've always used Bisquick. It seem to work pretty good, and it comes with recipe so you can make more than just pancakes.
i use the walmart brand..where on earth all u do is add sea...

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