TV Dinners for Diabetics?

What TV dinner brand is good for a diabetic?
There is not an iota one brand that is any better than others. None of them are especially good for us. You of late have to look at the ingredients of the product that you want. The same as with any other processed food.

Stofers trade name a quality product in nonspecific. They are a little more expensive than some of the others but they all weakness good.

Keep in mind that no processed food is really suitable for diabetics, but you can get away with it if you are thrifty.

EDIT: the "diet" brands are not much better for you than any other brand. They are just marketed different. It is still remarkably important to read the ingredients. Source(s): Diabetic 10 yr and tend to eat alot of TV dinners and stuff - Just because I'm tired after work and at hand is nobody else to make me dinner.
I'd articulate The South Beach meals, because they're the lowest in carbs. Really if you know how masses carbs you're eating (no matter what the brand dinner), you can do a conversion to know how much insulin to embezzle. That's assuming you're insulin dependant and don't have an insulin pump. If you are insulin dependant and don't have a pump, you should discuss the risk with your endocrinologist. They are life saver. You tell the pump how many carbs you're almost to eat, and it gives you the right amount of insulin for it. Pretty amazing. Source(s): Married to a diabetic
Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Healthy Choice adjectives have reasonable nutrition stats. Just a thing of reading labels to find the ones to fit into your diet based on how masses carbs you consume for a meal.
Amy's, a vegetarian strip that you'll usually find in the 'natural foods' section of most most important grocers, offers some good option. They have a fair 'low sodium' splash, which is a good sell when you discern the sodium counts on most microwave meals.

If you live in a town next to a specialty grocer, like whole foods or windy oats, you'll probably find they have a good inspection of Amy's microwave meals. My local grocery store carries around 10 option, 2 of which are low in sodium.

Aside from that, I'd take other people's suggestions. Consider your personal on a daily basis carb counts (because of my unique dietary needs as a cystic-fibrosis related diabetic, I consume an upwards of -600- grams of carbs respectively day. I know diabetics who wont go in close proximity 100 each day. My a1c is 5.0), the calories, and nonspecific nutrition levels of each breakfast time. Consider consuming a non-microwave food at the same time- like a readymade fruit salad as a side or desert.
Lean Cuisine, Healty Choice,South Beach. Smart Ones, are all okay, but you obligation to check the carb on what ever dinner you get. Some have carb contents that are elevated, even though they are "diet" foods. I have never found any of them that I wanted to drink a lot of...the taste isn't adjectives that great. It all tastes similar to TV dinners. They all have deeply of nasty additives to help maintain them "fresher", too. And watch out for the sodium content. Usually it's higher. South Beach can hold just as many carbs as the others, although I do prefer the swallow better than others. Like I said...check the carb content., each meal is different . Other than that, it adjectives depends on your own taste buds. Check out some of the regular TV dinners. Many are just as low carb as diet ones and in attendance is a bigger variety of meals. Source(s): diabetic 17 years

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