Mac Make-up vs. Bare Minerals? Which Is better?

A friend of mine suggested Mac make-up. I own BareMinerals Foundation, Mineral Veil, and Blush. I wear this daily, but I find that through out the sunshine, it tends to cake up and look really powdery and noticable. After I touch it up, it looks great again, but I don't always enjoy the time to do touching up. Is Mac make-up better then BareMinerals? I'd close to to know before I go invest surrounded by a ton of Mac Make-up. Or if you know any other great Make-up brand that is good for sensitive skin. I enjoy basically no blemishes, but my face get a teeny bit red from having sensitive skin, so that's why I wear foundation.
Give your honest opinion, especially if you hold used Mac and BareMinerals.

Thanks in Advance!
mac is great makeup.. but if your prone to breakouts then it
will clog your pores !!
i use undressed minerals and i love it but i have the same problem
use their makeup primer previously putting on your foundation…

keeps your makeup looking fresh :]]

hope that help
I've used both. Mac makeup is great, it has honest coverage and it really makes you look flawless, and they carry extremely rare colors. The downfall to MAC is that it if you have sensitive skin, you will most likely be prone t acne because their foundations are to heavily built. Bare Minerals feels light, and it improve your skin overtime and it is goo for sensitive skin, but i agree when u wear it for a few hours it starts looking patchy and cakey, and its very noticeable. Try prescriptives it have the coverage of MAC foundations, and its great for sensitive skin.
M.A.C. foundation has around 50 ingredients contained by it and Bare Minerals has 5. You really don't want to put all of that on your skin. Especially since you mentioned sensitivity. Try the Bare Minerals Primer. It works wonders. Also never re-apply the foundation. That is what cake. All you need to do is touch up with the mineral veil. It will donate you back the finish you had contained by the morning. M.A.C. gives great coverage but it started as a studio line. For photo shoots, movies and tv. I would stick next to Bare Minerals. I use M.A.C. eye shadows and liners due to the fact that they own a ton of colors.But I tend to stay away from their foundations just because of how heavy they are and the reality that it isn't great for the skin for a prolonged amount of time. I hope this helped. Source(s): I am a professional Make-Up artist and worked as an artist for Bare Minerals for 5 years.
mac foundation is one of the worst foundations for your skin undressed minerals is way better but mac eye shadows are way better than naked minerals eye shadows.!! so you kinda just have to mix it up a bit use a bit of both. I LOVE MAC THOUGH EVERYTHING THEY HAVE IS WONDERFUL JUST DON'T USE THEIR FOUNDATION!! IT'S HORRIBLE FOR YOUR SKIN!! mac foundation is designed to be used as stage make up thats why it covers so well but approaching i said it is one of the worst foundations out there!
I use and prefer MAC Mineralized with no problems, no caking or turning colors after adjectives day wear. Its also lasts 6 hours. I used Bare Minerals also, and found it too cakey and chalky for me. It settled into fine lines also. I also suggest a dutiful primer for any foundation, liquid, creme or mineralized. A good one is Smashbox Photo Finish. Source(s): I'm a MAC Pro member/MUA
Have you tried Everyday Minerals?
Some people prefer that over BareMinerals.
You should go to to look up product reviews.
Everyday Minerals is also better for your skin, they use smaller quantity harmful ingredients. Look at their free sample kit with ~$3 shipping.

Mac has raving reviews, and I own tried some of their products, and have heard correct and bad things about the brand. Mac is developed for studio purposes, thus they provide excellent coverage and have become very popular amongst makeup junkies that use it on a daily spring. However, if you ask any Ulta store associate, they will tell you that the reason why Ulta does not pass any Mac brand in their store, is because Mac isn't intended for daily use lower than the sun, something about the coloring will change below the sun because it's oxidized.

So if you're just looking for something that gives you a fluent daily coverage, and you sound similar to you have pretty clear skin, I'd just jump with mineral makeup.

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