Hi, which is best brand of Basmati Rice?

Here i can Listed out some of my available Basmati rice brands. Can people suggest me which is best and nutritious one.
1. Dawat
2. Kohinoor
3.India Gate
4. Indus valley
these two r the best
It depends how you want to cook the rice, if you are using to rice to pulao, where on earth you puut the soaked rice in the meat broth and you want your rice to be separated, then kohinoor is the best brand .If you are lookin for everyday use or cooking the rice where on earth you take the water out after cooking and afterwards dam the rice, then any mixed bag of rice is okay. If you are looking or a brand that cooks khila,meaning separate grains, later Kohinoor is the best.
In each brand 3-4 more variety come, so the variety named classic is best.
India takings classic
It's hard to share, the range is greater within the brands than between them. Local mixed bag is best especially if you know where it came from. Avoid brands near fancy pictures, labeling and plastic packaging.
I don't know something like the nutrition, but I swear by Dawaat.
India Gate

India Gate is good but costly, Dawat is also good, kohinoor also pious, Basmati rice from Dehradoon are very good, Choose that rice which is not extreme white contained by color, it should be slight brown, it is more nutritious, you can also try Rapid Floors shop, it is best for rice, wheat and dals etc. Some shopkeepers also keep Rapid products.
kohinoor and india gate
I like India Gate and Indus Valley
India Gate Classic is the best
Kohinoor is the best.
I like Dawat best

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