What brand of jeans make your butt look bigger?

okay this is embarrassing i have a small butt and everyone other says how i have a "flat ***" and i simply want a pair of jeans that will make my butt look bigger.. someone once told me that the jeans beyonce make are good but idk if thats true.. so anyone know a brand that will help? and where on earth i can buy it at? thank you. 3
I have a few friends who have your same issue and they love Hudson jeans. I come up with it's something about the flap back pocket. Their signature boot cut jean is the most popular.

it doesn't issue what brand, its the style.
if you have a pair of jeans beside a big pockets and a bit of color or an embellishment, it should make your butt appear rounder, firmer and bigger.

or, a pair of skinny jeans near no color or embellishments also flaunt your small derrierre.
Get jeans that have pockets within the back. But those pockets with the buttons that hold a little pouch and a flap. Those work well for me
h&m jeans. and the best ones are the skinny ones make my girlfriends bum look good. she has a bit of a flat one minus the jeans. buy them at any h&m.

hope this helped
skinny jeans contained by a dark denim color =]
True Religions!
Here's some great tips and specific jeans for people with small/flat butts: http://www.jeanshub.com/JeansforSmallBut…
wet stamp jeans!

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