Are corn tortillas gluten free? what brands?

i bought specialty gluten free tortillas, but i was wondering if there be any regular tortillas, probably corn, that were gluten free.

any other gluten free recommendations great, gratefulness!
must read the label on them to make sure they don't own wheat flour in them.

you can make your own using tapioca, rice, oat, and some other flours that don't hold gluten in them.

tortillas don't have to hold the gluten to be good. They just necessitate to cling together long enough to bake a moment or two while.
All of the corn tortillas that I have seen within stores are gluten free. If the ingredients say only corn you should be fine.

Chebe bread sticks other Chebe mixes are gluten free and widely available. Many grocery stores immediately have GF sections. Meijer have some GF stuff in their freezer section (rice bread, pizzas, etc.)

You might pick up some of Bette Hagman's books (Gluten Free Gourmet) if you enjoy not already.

Mission Corn Tortillas are gluten free and are available at
WalMart and most grocery stores. They say gluten free on the

WalMart have lots of gluten free items, and they are labeled
gluten free, in their Great Value brand as well.

Hope this help.

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